Brenda & I just got back from Denver, having just taken in the cutting, silly, schizophrenic, smart and above all, funny standup act of Eddie Izzard. Brenda & I saw him in New York back in 2003, and when we heard he was taking his new tour through Denver, we bought our tickets months and months ago. Turns out we had pretty great seats, just six rows back! Being that close to him, it felt like we were in a venue much smaller than the Paramount Theatre, and you could really see his expressions that are such a part of his stage presence.

This show was far better than the 2003 effort, I thought. His topics once again covered the gamut, with religion and politics taking their usual large chunks of the set. This time around, he was wearing man clothes instead of a dress, but there was still a few transvestite jokes (as well as a plug for his TV show "The Riches").

His energy was high, and his digressions into improv did not disappoint. He spent some time debunking "intelligent design" by taking us inside the mind of an appendix ("we have this thing, an appendix, it's there to digest grass, but we haven't eaten grass for thousands of years, so they're all just sitting there going 'uhh, have you got any grass up there, hello?'... doesn't sound intelligent to me...'hello, yeah, it's me and Jeff here in the appendix room, we're bored 'cause you haven't got any grass, so we're just going to blow up now.'"). He also turned Noah's Ark story on its ass, and pleaded for us all to vote for Obama in the election this year. Interestingly, that drew some boos and murmurs; I'm not sure how you can like Eddie Izzard and be a Republican. He's so... smart! Anyway, all in all a great performance, and a nice evening.