Tonight in my biology class, I got my first test results back. Ace. My instructor even wrote on my quiz: "Good; I think this vet thing might be doable", and encouraged me to take a chemistry class as soon as possible. Then I got a text message from Brenda, asking me to come home right after class because Hooper broke his tooth playing at the ballfield.

When you study stuff like this, sometimes it's hard to see the real world relevance to your work. But tonight, Hooper reminded me of why I'm doing this. And so as soon as I could, I drove home and we all rode over to the 24-hour animal hospital. Sure enough, one of Hoop's incisors is sheared off right at the gum line and will need to be extracted. Apparently, Hooper and Monty--the two most ball-focused dogs in our neighborhood's play group--turned to chase a thrown ball at the same time, and turned right into each other, and Hoop just got the losing hand in that deal. The vet sent us home with antibiotics and painkillers (for Hooper), and we will make an appointment tomorrow morning with our vet for the remains of the tooth to be extracted. The upshot of all of this is that I have been trying to schedule a time to shadow my vet as she does day-to-day activities, including surgeries, and so it may just work out that Hooper provides me with the impetus (and the patient) for finally doing it.

The pain meds seem to be helping, but every once in a while Hooper lets out a single, loud, bark, as if to say "god DAMN, this hurts!". I hope we can get him in tomorrow for the extraction. Stay tuned.