Well, Hooper had a long day, but he's home, he's sleeping, and he's minus one tooth. The remains of one of his upper incisors were removed--in pieces--from Hooper's skull, and he now has "character" in the form of a gap in his toothy facade.

He wobbled around the living room and made us all nervous on the stairs, but he quickly flopped on his bed and slept while I read a biology textbook. It's been pretty amazing to watch him be so mellow, and no one is more intrigued than Ellie, our cat. At long last, Ellie could inspect this odd creature with impunity, and she took full advantage.

I hand-fed him his entire dinner, and I think at this point he forgives me for taking him to that horrible place this morning. As I type this, Hooper is sleeping soundly and all is right with the world.