I know. No action. Sorry.

I have many things going on. Brenda & I just got back from Las Vegas; we finally did the town together (birthday junket for her and some of our friends who also celebrate Libra birthdays), and while we had fun, Brenda is definitely done with that town. Me, I discovered more craps bets I like, but I also walked away a loser for the second time in a row. But I'm up on points when you assign value to table time. I realize this is the entire business model for Vegas.

I am killing in my bio class, two weeks and two aces on my tests, but I didn't have a great feeling from my last test and I totally missed the last one because I was coming home from Vegas, but from here on out (till December 15) it's all school, all the time. I plan to ace this class. Who wants odds?

The company I work for was just acquired by UTC Power, so after a lifetime of working for companies no larger than 100 people, my employer is now owned by a 225,000-person firm doing $55B in revenue. This is a shock to the system of epic proportions, and I came home from Vegas last night and walked into a day long series of meetings to explain this transition. My head is still spinning, but one of the upshots was that the parent company's parent company (got that?) has a program where they actually pay for tuition and book costs employees wishing to obtain additional degrees, in whatever field they desire. So this is all getting very interesting.

Stay tuned.