Oh my god, he did it! Barack defeated the idiots, the racists, the conservatives. He did it, he fucking did it! Colorado is a blue state, the United States has a new President-elect and a Democratic Senate majority.

Now hey, I was 24 when Clinton was elected, ending twelve years of Republican rule. I heard similar rhetoric then, and similar projections of new beginnings, and I got semi-caught up in it. Does anyone remember the health care promises made back then? Thought so. No, I'm still a hard line cynic, and Obama's still a politician. But I am of course going to look to the future with a lot more hope than I have had following the last two Presidential elections.

One thing that has really hit me hard is all the attention being paid to the race issue, particularly now that the election is over. Honestly, for me it was never about a black man getting elected, it was about a non-gargoyle getting elected. It is truly amazing to me that this is so amazing, but yeah, I guess is is an incredible feat that a black man has just been elected President of the United States. And that is sad, on so many levels, and at the same time it's truly amazing.

Bush can slink off into obscurity (and I hope he rots in hell for all of eternity), and we can now look forward to the challenges ahead and watching Mr. Obama continue to rise to the occasion. I wish him the best, and I have never felt such pride in our nation's choice for this august office.