Tonight, I headed back to the rock climbing gym to get checked out on the belay gear, and once that was out of the way, I was cleared to climb all over the joint. I had one day left on my complimentary week-long pass to the gym, so Brenda came with and we figured we could climb together.

The belay test was a joke, and three minutes later I was good to go. So Brenda & I headed upstairs to the little walls and first made sure that she could arrest my fall. Sure enough, the mechanical advantage of the belay device made it easy for her to stop my 200 lbs from falling once I popped off the wall. Pretty impressive!

With all the formalities out of the way, we commenced taking turns up the same routes. After a couple of easy ones, we tried a harder one that I simply could not make the last little bit. I tried a couple times, and gave up. Then Brenda tied in, and proceeded to sprint right up the damned wall; like, in 30 seconds she was at the top. She rappelled down, and I said "how did you do that?", she shrugged her shoulders, and I half-jokingly said "do that again", and she proceeded to do it again, just as fast, and just as effortlessly. Wow. In your face, Rob.

Then we went downstairs and Brenda rocked a couple of the taller routes while I was her belay bitch. In my defense, I have received zero training on climbing, all I was shown was how to tie myself in and shit. I think I do alright for making it up as I go, but clearly I have much to learn. This is not a problem, as I need something to do all winter so I can emerge in the spring in shape for once in my life. I think I have found my winter exercise.