I got new stuff. Lots of new stuff. Plenty of fodder for posting in the future. For now you should know that in the last couple of months I got a new TiVo, an iPhone, climbing shit, rollers, and today, the big purchase of 2008, a new MacBook. The box was cute and small. They emailed me my receipt (which caused my iPhone to buzz with delight as I was walking out the front door of the Apple Store). Moments after firing it up, my new mac was already performing a full system backup, wirelessly, to my Apple Time Machine. Brenda's getting my MacBook Pro as soon as I get everything off of it and do a fresh install, and I'm psyched to be an all-Apple house once and for all (and I'm hopeful that the new graphics on the MacBooks will be adequate for my needs; for now, I'm pretty delighted with the keyboard, the form factor, and the new-to-me version of OS X).