I fucking hate this shit. New computer, started setting up, got my iTunes all dialed in, then realized my goddamned motherfucking iPhone is really not interested in syncing with my new setup. Apparently, I was supposed to use the Apple Migration Assistant. That utility is fairly impressive, but now my Mail.app is busted, and I have a crapload of duplicated bytes in the form of redundant applications and all kinds of extra shit. The whole point of the new computer was to start fresh, and now I have one halfway setup user account on the new computer (that does not want to speak to my iPhone), and all the binary turdlets from my old computer copied over, with a broke-ass malfunctioning Mail.app. It's bittersweet, because while I'm sure I can fix the Mail.app thing eventually, there just seems to be a lot of other weirdness and I can clearly see that loads of files I never need again have migrated over. I'd really like to just keep getting my new user account set up on this new MacBook, and get my iPhone to divorce itself from my old laptop. Now that everything from my old computer is now copied to my new one, I guess I can just tell the phone to start fresh; the applications should all be on the copy of the data from my old machine, right? Most of my applications have been re-installed on the new computer already, and like I said I basically have a copy of my entire old computer on here for now, so I should be able to pull over all the missing bits I need. I should do it, right? Start fresh with the iPhone?

Good lord, why is it so hard to start fresh every once in a while?