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Migration and Lance

awright, I got my iPhone talking to my new user account. All I did was tell the "Applications" tab to sync with my iPhone, and it copied the apps to my new iTunes install. Then I did the "wipe", letting iTunes blow out my iPhone's music library. At this point, my contacts and iPhone apps are synchronous with the iTunes install on my new laptop's new user account. I spent an hour or so copying the music from my old user account to my new one, and after all that things aren't perfect, but they are good. My old files from my old user account are on my new laptop, and after a little terminal action I changed the permissions on those files so I can move them freely about to my new user account's directory structure. This I will do over the next three years.

Meanwhile, Hooper's right rear leg is a little gimpy, half my music is not showing up in my iTunes library even tho it's taking up space in the iTunes directory, and the Outside Magazine article about Lance Armstrong is the biggest piece crap I've ever seen. Folks, Lance is a doper, was a doper, and is dressed like the asshole in Napoleon Dynamite at the prom for his photo shoot in this article. And the hack writer for the Outside article just completely missed the point about all of pro cycling and especially the importance of American pro cycling. For now I don't want to get into it, but for now also, Christopher Keyes (author of this crappy Outsice Magazine article) is a fucking asshole, and a moron to boot. He seems to think that American pro cycling started and ended with Lance Armstrong, and nothing could be further from the truth. God Dammit! I was so ready to renew my subscription to this rag, too...

Let's talk later.

Migration and Lance
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