A wildfire is raging in the foothills just north of Boulder; it started this afternoon, and really high winds and lots of open (and dry) land have provided the perfect ingredients for disaster.

Already, several homes have been destroyed, and people are evacuating all over the place. This was the view from my front door when Hooper & I got home from our walk:

Boulder Wildfire 2009

This is a view looking northwest; you can see the main line of the fire, and the trail of little fires left in its wake. At that time, the fire line is probably six miles from my house as the crow flies, but it's a LOT closer to the edge of town than that! People I know have voluntarily evacuated their homes, and one of my co-workers is a Boulder County firefighter so I'm thinking of them tonight. Last time I looked out the window, the fire had died down quite a bit (as had the wind), so hopefully the firefighters will be able to get a handle on things, but they have a long night ahead of them.