I knew this would be a fun World Series, with two teams I like in there, and a good matchup to boot. With a large percentage of my Facebook friends hailing from the Philadelphia area, I detected a certain bias toward the Lesser League's team in the growing wave of "go team!" status messages over the last few days, and that's to be expected. After all, trash talking is how we as fans can participate in the game.

Unfortunately, many of the sentiments expressed in the many Facebok status messages I saw last night ranged from infantile to eerily homophobic. Apparently, a favorite pastime is to call an opposing player a homosexual. For example, this zinger floated across my laptop screen last night:

"Gayrod is Cliff Lee's BITCH!"

Is the implication that if you have one bad night offensively you become a homosexual? Kind of a "one, two, three strikeouts, you're gay" standard? This seems to violate all logic and scientific research. And besides, with his statement, didn't our Facebook scholar just implicate Mr. Lee as being a little light in the loafers too? After all, it takes two to tango, and I think that whether Cliff gave A-Rod a reach-around or not (which he does not mention in his comment), he's gay, according to my little Facebook friend. So, there!

I've never understood this knee-jerk reaction to call the opposition gay. Hurling these random ad hominem (ad homonem?) attacks on teams when there are plenty of other suitable insults and jabs available just make you look stupid. Besides, everyone knows that it's just the Boston Red Sox that are a flaming bunch of queers.

Personally, I'm looking forward to at least four more awesome games in this series, and great performances on both sides of the Great Baseball Divide. I think we truly have one of the best World Series matchups in years, and that both teams truly deserve to be there. This brings me to my second favorite idiot of last evening, the guy who said the Yankees were "overrated". 103 wins is not an opinion, you homo.

Game Two tonight. Bring it.