So, my last post was a little congratulatory quip to the New York Yankees, for winning their 27th World Series Championship. (Their 27th; I know, it's a lot!) In the title of that post, I accidentally juxtaposed two characters in my haste to get the thing online, and I was quickly corrected by Yankee haters who likely enjoyed correcting me in the worldwide forum that is the Intertubes. Meow.

That same evening -- you know, the one where the Yankees WON THE WORLD SERIES -- I guess I also posted a little congratulatory quip on my Facebook status, which became a lightning rod for a discussion on the Yankees, baseball payrolls, unfairness, weah, weah weah.

Some great arguments from both sides of the aisle are contained in that thread, and it has had me thinking. Thanks everyone. Still, my overwhelming directive to everyone is to fucking get over it.

I guess my beef with the Yankee haters can be summed up thusly: Yankee haters categorize this whole thing as a problem with the Yankees (or they call them cheaters, or fags, or some other such juvenile nonsense); intelligent Yankee fans call it a problem with the rules (which it most certainly is, but don't blame the Yankees for trying to win with any means allowed). Idiotic Yankee fans -- which are a huge problem in American society, I agree -- just say things like "Yankees number one, fuck you", and this definitely gets in the way of clear discourse.

And that's why I want to share two excellent pieces I read today that also try to address the Problem with Baseball, from both sides. First up, a pitch for the pinstripes, from none other than John Gruber, who, as a Macintosh zealot already knows a thing or two about making good points amidst a tidal wave of ignorance:

Daring Fireball - The Yankees

And next up, the flip side which makes all the points my frend Johnny Q makes on my Facebook page, but also throws out some real stretches. (This latter link comes to you by way of John Gruber's website, BTW.)

Joe Posnanski - The Yankees Payroll

Enjoy. Spring training seems like a long ways off.