Today has not gone smoothly so far. Hooper woke us up at 5:15AM, whining. He'd had gas all night, so I took him out, just in case. He leads me around on a tour of the neighborhood as he strafes the area. We get back, I try for another hour of sleep but he keeps farting and belching (which smelled worse than the farts), then Ellie our cat pukes on the carpet, presumably because we weren't paying attention to her. So I give up on sleep for the day and head downstairs to start working at 6AM, already deciding to work from home rather than repeat the two hour commute from my house to my house like happened last week when it snowed. Then Brenda takes Hoop out for a longer walk at his usual time, and comes back with no tags! He must have gotten the ring caught on a branch or something, and just unwound the ring and the tags all fell off. Brenda noticed once they got back that he had the ring (barely) hanging on his collar, but no tags. We go on a hunt in the snow, which in hindsight was utterly ridiculous, but Brenda thought she might have known a couple places where this might have happened. Hooper of course is thrilled, because he's now on this third romp in the snow for the day and it's not even 9AM yet. About halfway though the walk Hooper's harness literally falls apart and slides off his body, too.

So now we need a new harness, dog license, rabies tag, greenspace tag and name tag.

Hooper's pretty stoked about all the snowtime.

I'll take a dog's life...