Yeah, uh, Happy New Year. 2010 is already underway, as far as I am concerned, because the International Date Line rolled on through, hours ago. Here in Boulder, It's less than an hour away until my Timex ticks over to 2010. I'm not doing a "year in review"-type post, but wanted to wish everyone (anyone) still reading this blog a happy new year. 2009 was a crazy year and very much a mixed bag. 2010 promises more of the same. I guess I'm getting old. The cynic in me grows ever stronger and is provided more ammunition every day; all the more reason to reflect on all the good that has happened to me and my friends this year, I suppose. I've lost touch with some, renewed friendships with others, changed jobs, and been impressed by some and absolutely disappointed by others. I guess that's the way we all go around. In the tightest orbit of my atomic life, the house is filled with joy and wonder; the dog is wonderful, the cat is a challenge but is helping me realize that no cat will ever be Emma (and that that's OK), and Brenda & I are bouncing down the road toward ten years of marriage and twenty years of companionship. And that, THAT, is fucking awesome.

Settling up, I'm up on points. Here's to everyone else beating the odds next year.