Still alive.

Brenda saw her third production season at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival to fruition; all shows are up and running, her crew gets tighter every year and she seems to like it more all the time.

Riding my bike again; still outta shape.

The four eggs nesting in our hanging plant out front have hatched; got a couple of crappy pictures, lack motivation to get them off the camera.

Hooper weighs 58 pounds, a 16% increase from past vet visits; still considered normal, but he could stand to lose a few lubs, just like his owner.

The goddamned TV is busted, on the final week of the Tour; parts on order, will arrive after the Tour.

In one week it will be twenty years since Brenda & I figured out we'd found our soul mates; we are going to the Grand Canyon in September to celebrate with my sister and bro-in-law.

I have never spent a greater percentage of my professional time being paid to work with lighting simulation tools development; work-wise, despite having a lot on the plate, it's almost all steak.

Life is good.