Just wanted to point out a great, great article on a "peakbagging club" in New Jersey:

New Jersey's undeveloped peaks rise above the rest

Yes, you heard me. A club devoted to cataloging and "climbing" the many precipitous peaks in the grand state of New Jersey; high point: eighteen hundred feet, complete with monument to memorialize the majestic magnitude of the, uh, hill.

Five of the peaks aren't even mountains per se -- they're called hills -- and one of the more modest, Guerin Benchmark in Randolph, is about a five-minute jaunt from the parking lot.

The guys are totally tongue in cheek about it but at the same time it really does celebrate the hiking in NJ, of which there is plenty. Brenda & I discovered our love for hiking in NJ, not Colorado. It's just that when you know you love something that requires certain natural features, you need to relocate to places that feature them. You don't find a lot of surfers in Iowa, for example.

So while I am eternally grateful for living in Colorado and having access to amazing trails close to home and 14,000' peaks not far away, this article reminded me of our humble hiking beginnings in the Garden State.