Thanks to all who contributed to my fundraising efforts for the 2010 Cause for Paws, benefiting the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. About 500 people (plus dogs!) participated in either the run or the walk, and together we raised $50K to help the shelter help animals and their owners alike. Team Hooper (Hooper, Rob & Brenda) did the walk, and it was fairly hysterical to see what amounted to a giant dog walk unfold on the paths around Boulder on a beautiful day.

After the walking, there was food, music, dog massage, and Hoop even got to refresh his chops on the agility course, which led to the funniest event of the day. Hooper tried the "chute" obstacle, which is a short plastic tube with a long tube of fabric at the end that drapes to the floor that the dog must run through. The idea is that it's harder than the straight tunnel, because they can't see the other side and have to get over that fear and push through the fabric to get through the obstacle. There was a "spotter" at the end of the chute, holding the fabric up a little so the dogs could see, literally, the light at the end of the tunnel, encouraging them to run through. Well, Hooper did not need this help and he demonstrated that by proceeding to rocket through the chute, out the fabric end, and right into the spotter, who in turn went ass-over-end, feet in the air and everything. Hoop sat on him and wagged his tail.

It was a memorable moment, one of thousands over the years now. And all possible because HSBV was able to rescue Hooper from a crowded shelter in Utah to their facility, where he was waiting for me.

Through your contributions, Brenda & I together met our goals and then some, providing HSBV with enough money to do the same thing for another animal. So, thanks.