It's been a while since I've posted anything at all on this blog. I blame Facebook; too easy to snap a photo with my phone and upload it, too easy to link to funny or interesting things on the interwebs via FB or Twitter. But something has been lost in the process. And so begins the list of resolutions: I will try to migrate back to this blog for my vocal and visual outlet, my complaint outpost, my therapy.

2010 was a mixed bag, but I suppose that's the way it is for anyone alive. So, here in 2011, being alive, I suppose I'm up on points -- as are all of you.


In January 2010, my dear sweet Grandmother passed away, finally succumbing to the awful disease that is Alzheimer's. Lena was a sweet, funny woman, who could cook and could spot a scam from a mile away. I loved her, and I miss her.

In February 2010, Brenda's sister Mandy married Tony Crespo. Tony cried like a baby throughout the day and night, which brought tears to my own eyes. I think they are going to be great. Mandy and Tony are expecting their first child as I type this.

In May 2010, Brenda & I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. We went to Flagstaff Mountain and re-read our wedding vows to one another at the Sunrise Amphitheater, while Hooper trotted around and sniffed things. I also presented a couple of workshops -- one on daylight simulation and one on high dynamic range imaging -- at the Lightfair conference in Las Vegas. I figure I lost about $200 at the damned craps tables.

In June 2010, Brenda & I attended the wedding of Zack and Caitlyn Vestal, a wonderful event that really honored the two of them, but also honored the institution of marriage in general. Zack & Cait remind me of what it means to be in love.

In July 2010, Brenda & I celebrated twenty years of being a couple. Two decades, y'all. No additional words are necessary, but many more words are in my head.

In August 2010, I presented a paper at the SimBuild conference, marking my debut as a legitimate science geek.

In September 2010, Brenda started a new job as Costume Shop Foreman at the University of Colorado, giving her an opportunity to teach others her amazing skills, while also having a sweet-ass commute.

I did not ride my bike nearly enough. I did not write or take pictures nearly enough. Goals.

2010 is the year I found out my father left my sister & I for dead not when he was dying in 2004 -- when we both had careers, spouses and futures -- but in 1984, when I was a sophomore in high school and my sister was getting ready to go to college. Dark, dark day, that was, reading that thing. In many ways, reading the will has made things easier for me, but at the same time it's made things so very much harder. The takeway here is that my father was a douchebag. It's not about the will, that's just a nice encapsulation of what a non-man he was. So much to talk about there, but... Enough about that.

2010 marked my first full year working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and my job has evolved into focusing on lighting simulation, which is basically like a dream come true.

2011 promises more bullshit, more family bullshit, but also twelve months full of days to make the best of things.

Happy New Year.