Yesterday Brenda & I trekked down to Denver to see "Next to Normal" at the Denver Center. It's been a while since we've seen something there, and even longer since I've seen a musical anywhere.

It was great.

I know, I'm generally known for liking hardcore punk rock, grunge and anything on the far side of commercial. But you know something folks? Along with professional baseball games, sunsets, and airshows, a big loud musical performed by pros and bolstered by lights and sets -- all under a towering opera house roof -- is simply magical. These are all live events that involve power and emotion and skill, and you just gotta see one once in a while.

And so on Sunday we got to see a great sunset. (Literally; Sunday's performances were the final for the Denver stop of the national tour, and back in New York, the final Broadway performance at the Booth Theatre of this show also played out.)

In many respects, the musical is and always has been high cheese. But the theatre has always been about willing suspension of disbelief. If you allow yourself to let it in, you can be entertained and even learn a thing or two.

All in all, a fun couple of hours of escape.