Today I stopped in at my credit union, to get a credit card. I had recently told Bank of America to go fuck themselves, and to take the credit card account I had with them for years and shove it up their asses, because they are the devil and all of their upper management should die. Hopefully, my wish will come true. The card is canceled, at least; we can hope for a positive outcome on the execs who should all die.

Meanwhile, I'd still like to have more than just my debit card in my wallet, especially when I travel, so I have at least two magnetic stripes to get me access to food, plane tickets, booze, hotel rooms, and porn. So I strolled down to my credit union to apply for a simple credit card. Nothing fancy, just looking for a backup card is all, like I had before, but issued from a non-satanic bank.

Julie the account executive was very friendly, and asked me if I wanted coffee or water, asked me how my day was going, and actually seemed interested in my answers to those questions. After settling in at her desk, I explained that I had just told Bank of America to go fuck themselves, and that I simply wanted a backup credit card for booze and porn. I mean, not in so many words, but she got me. I thought we were off to a great start.

Then, Julie proceeded to grill me abut my financial status, employment history, housing history, and suggested that since I have two mortgages at the present moment that I may do well to request a pretty paltry line of credit. I started to get pissed, with all the questions, given my credit score and income situation, and then I realized: THIS IS EXACTLY HOW HARD IT SHOULD BE TO GET A CREDIT CARD.

I may get refused for a $5-$10K credit card from the credit union that holds my checking and savings accounts, as well as the loan on the house we just bought. And that's ok, because these people represent the way this selling of money is supposed to happen.