I recently read a righty editorial that suggested the notion that the massacre at Sandy Hook was the "price of freedom" -- that the right of all American adults to own firearms is inherently going to make such massacres possible, even regular. And you know what? I totally get that. I agree. Problem is, I said the exact same thing about 9-11, in the context of the impending PATRIOT Act that was being rammed through Congress, which has stripped Americans of their right to privacy in the name of national security. I still believe that another major terrorist attack on our soil is the price of freedom. (And besides, even without the PATRIOT Act, Cheney -- excuse me, Bush -- had plenty of actionable intel that those scumbags were eminently planning something big, and they played golf instead, so, yeah.)

So what's it gonna be folks? We cannot have it both ways. If the NRA wants it their way, then the ACLU should get theirs, too. Close Guantanamo and repeal the PATRIOT Act, and you can have all the armor you want, is my attitude. Because let's face it, Obama's not gonna get shit done on gun control. He should do what he said he'd do in his first term (close the Bay), kill PATRIOT, and focus this term on passing meaningful legislation on climate change, because unchecked pollution kills more Americans every year than guns do, and it's only going to get worse.