They've done it again; just when you thought you were fully Boulder Whole Foods Battle Hardened, these people manage to redefine solipsism. Lemme tell ya what happened.

The other day I'm in the BWF, and I roll up to a cashier with my basket. The cashier was just finishing up with the customer ahead of me, counting change, asking if she wanted her receipt, etc. Meanwhile, I started unloading the items from my basket onto the conveyor belt. As the cashier was done with the previous customer, she turned to me and started scanning my items, and she goes:

"Thanks for unloading your basket."

Say fucking what?!

After doing a Lewis Black-style head shake, I begged for clarification. "Do you mean to tell me that people actually dump their baskets on the belt and stand there and watch you unload the things?", I asked. "Oh yeah, it happens a lot", she said.

Goddamn, I thought it was bad enough that most people stand there and take up space while they ignore the cashiers bagging up their shit for them at the tail end of the transaction. Apparently many of these same creatures can't even find it within their toned and chi-aligned selves to put their shit on the conveyor belt in the first place.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: people of Boulder, you (we) can do a lot better. Pull your heads out of your tight, toned asses, put down that Shambhala Sun magazine, and love thy fucking neighbor, for god's sake.