In case anyone is still out there, I just updated my blog again, agian, again. Again.

About a month ago I decided to give Ghost a try, and it was a little bit of a rocky start. Ghost is new, started by some ex-WordPress people, and it's super cool. Other cool people are hard at work making gorgeous themes for the Ghost blogging platform, and one very industrious dude wrote a nice import tool for taking your shit from WordPress to Ghost. But Ghost remains rough around the edges, as the developers build and add to what promises to be a great blogging platform.

In the meantime, I've learned how to set up my own VPS, taking my hosting experience to a new level. I've helped Jon get his import tool ready for time zones other than GMT and the latest version of Ghost's database schema, and even found a little bug in Sven's (excellently elegant) theme for Ghost, called Chiara. I believe that comments are back as well, having imported all the old ones into Disqus. Site-wide search remains a work in progress, but post tags are back, and aggregate to their own pages quite nicely in Sven's theme. Give it a try; simply click on any of the tags in any post header and you'll get a summary page with all posts bearing that tag.

If you count static web pages, Ghost is now the fifth CMS I've used to manage this blog o'mine, going all the way back to, ahem, the 90's.

I believe Ghost is a nice response to the flood of social media alternatives for shouting into cyberspace. It's "just a blogging platform", and I'm hopeful that this new and nifty blog platform inspires me to post more often.