Executive Summary

There have been better years. But you know what, to have had a year at all means I was alive, and this is the greatest gift one can receive. The future is uncertain, but I guess it always is/was. Things will work out.

Chronological High/Lowlights

  • I marked three years sober
  • I got my first-ever bar muscle up
  • I completed the 2016 CrossFit Open doing all the workouts as prescribed, finishing well above the middle of the pack, worldwide, for my age
  • I had a paper published at Simbuild, documenting perhaps the last bit of Radiance-related development I ever do at NREL (high and low all in one bullet point = efficiency)
  • Brenda & I separated, and I can't possibly describe or share what that all means
  • I rode my motorcycle solo on part of the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route
  • I got my first-ever pistol(s)
  • I ate more Jujyfruits than I ever have in my life
  • I wrote the least amount of posts on this blog since its inception in the friggin' 90's, yo!


I believe that looking back is pointless without a look forward as well, so:

What is clear to me is that I am still a work in progress, and I have a lot of work to do.

Brenda & I will sort out who we are, what we were, and where we go next.

This year I don't expect to do much lighting-related work at all, which marks a departure from what has become my life's work and my career. I'm not sure I like that very much, but it does mean I have an opportunity to learn some new things, working with and learning from people I love. That's not a bad trade, and I'll just have to see where it leads.

I'm going monk on my day-to-day routine. Regular gym attendance at 5:30 a.m., better diet (including fasting), solid day's work, evening study, more writing, and as many meetings as fit in with all of that. Lights out at 9. (okay, 9-ish).

I think I wanna try some more camping, definitely ride the moto in the San Juans, and probably see Wyoming.

Now I'm gonna go clean the house, 'cause it's a fuckin' mess.