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This site is Rob Guglielmetti's personal home on the web. He writes stuff and takes pictures of things and dumps it all here. A couple of years while ago he registered his own domain name so that he could have one email address and one website address forever. While was available, he recalled how badly people have mangled his last name and so decided against it. After an exhaustive search for a mysterious and pithy name, he found that was still available and shrewdly snatched it up. He has since discovered that no one in his family knows what the hell a fucking rumblestrip is, so people are now getting bounced emails that were sent to,, and This upsets him. These days everyone has a Gmail address, and Rob is no exception, but he also receives email at the old reliable address. Astute readers will notice that Rob has not actually printed his email address(es) here -- but should be able to divine what they are from context. If not, Rob has no time for your shit and does not wish to hear from you.

About Rob Guglielmetti

Rob is a lighting designer and "lighting simulationist". He is particularly interested in utilizing computers in lighting--using computers to predict the sometimes wily behavior of light--and uses Radiance to perform lighting calculations and analysis. Over the past two decades, lighting simulation tools like Lightscape and Radiance have been his main tools, and in particular, Radiance, its author and the small global community of users, are his friends and mentors.

Following an eleven-year tour of duty as a lighting consultant in New York City Rob moved to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2005 and loves living next door to the Rocky Mountains so much that he puts up with all the tree-hugging Audi-driving Prana-wearing motherfuckers. He spent four years at a sustainable design consultant in Boulder, but upon realizing that the owners of that company were infantile retards, he looked for employment elsewhere. He currently works with the Commercial Buildings Group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO and is currently trying to find his place in the broader building energy modeling world, since the architectural lighting community and the US Department of Energy have turned their backs on daylighting as an energy efficiency strategy, and the bumbling Trump Administration believes whatever the oil and gas industry tells them to believe. Speaking of which, everything on this website is the opinion of the author and does not reflect the opinion of his employer in any way.

Prior to getting involved in architectural lighting, he did some theatrical lighting design, set design, acting, and stand-up comedy. He was also a bicycle mechanic for many years, USCF-certified and everything.

He is a gifted mimic.

He is vain.

He likes coffee, and he puts butter and coconut oil in it, and it is good.

He used to like alcohol a lot -- like, a whole lot -- so he quit drinking (but he will always be a drunk; that's just the way that works). He's raced & fixed bicycles and built bicycle wheels. He's messed around with water-cooled and air-cooled Volkswagens. He's brewed his own beer. He's a private pilot, but hasn't flown much since moving to Colorado. These days he does more hiking, cycling, and crossfitting. He recently got into "adventure motorcycling" and has a Triumph Tiger 800XC for that nonsense.

He's an opinionated jerk; he's a kook and a dork.

Vehicularly speaking, He can operate a motorcycle, canoe, automobile, paddle-boat, airplane, bicycle, go-kart, lawnmower, BigWheel[tm], and skateboard. Skates--ice and roller--give him problems. He's never skied, and he only mentions that because that verb in the past tense looks weird when one writes it down. That, and because even after living in Colorado for eleven years he still hasn't strapped those goddamned things to his feet.

He's been hit by a car twice. Once as a tyke on a bike; that time he broke his jaw and lost some teeth. The second time he was clipped by a chick in a Honda Acura who ran a stop sign. Seconds after telling her to "go to hell" and watching her speed off, his entire left side went numb. But he still made it to tennis class, albeit a few minutes late. Eventually, the numbness went away. This was in college.

He dislikes cake, pies and most chocolate treats. He likes Necco Wafers and Fruit Stripe gum.

His last name is pronounced goo-yell-METTY. It means "little william". Guglielmo is Italian for William, and the "-etti" suffix means small, or little. Put them together, and you have the hardest name to pronounce in the english language, apparently. The two most common "jokes" he hears after telling someone his last name are "ah, a nice French name, eh?", and "gee, how long did it take for you to learn how to spell that?". At this point, neither are funny.