My dear friends Bill and Lauren recently lost their SuperDog, family member and all-around great pet, Begbie, to cancer. They put together this tribute for him, and it's my honor to host it here.



Begbie was a good dog from the moment we sprung him from the Bide-a-Wee shelter in New York City on Labor Day weekend 1996. He spent his puppy days in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, where he fell in love with a harlequin Great Dane who wore concert T-shirts and red toenail polish. Begbie also enjoyed leaving the city to go hiking in upstate New York and along the Maine coast. When we moved out to Boulder in 1999, Begbie was thrilled to hike daily, up Chautauqua or Shanahan Ridge, or maybe just around Viele Lake.

Over the years, Begbie acquired a lot of fans, from the people who took him home in Gund stuffed animal form or watched his film debut to those who read about him in one of Lauren's magazine articles or spotted him hidden in one of Bill's illustrations. Begbie also had a celebrity fan, Steve Buscemi, who petted our friendly pup outside the 2nd St. Cafe many mornings.

Maybe you became a fan, too, after watching him while we were on vacation. Or you bonded with him while visiting us. Whenever or wherever you met Begbie, you knew what a character our strong-willed Scottie could be. If you think of any funny stories, please share them with Bill and I. We could use a laugh right now.

-- Bill and Lauren

Begbie was a very photogenic dog; please check out the entire album here. And, if you have any pictures of Begbie you'd like to send to Bill or Lauren, send them to