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The Intro

Well, it's done. Over. All that planning and effort, and it was over in about four and a half minutes. A lot of you enjoyed the thank-you letter, so I'm posting it here for your reading pleasure. I have to scan some more pictures soon. I'll do that. Yes, tomorrow. Look for a honeymoon page sometime in the near future. (Editor's note: some things never change; these promises are seven years overdue and counting...)

Oh, and it was a great, great day.

The Team

Rob & Brenda's Wedding: Team Photo

The Thank You Letter

Monday, May 08, 2000

Dear Everyone,

Just a quick note to say thank you:

Thank you. Thank you all, for being there.

Now, for a real long note to say thank you:

I wanted to sit down and write a letter to thank you all while it was fresh in my mind. We'd all like to believe that this day will last in our memories forever, and May 7th will for me, but you know something folks? Details fade. And if you saw how much wine, beer and liquor was left over (and came home with us) you'd realize how important it is that I take pen to paper right now.

What can I say? It's a rare event when I am at a loss for words, and rarer still when my voice cracks during a speech like Peter Brady's did in that "Brady Bunch" episode, so you all should know how special everything was for me. Brenda looked beautiful; Keely, the dress was great. Stefanie, thank you for doing her hair, It completed the picture. When Brenda emerged from the building and began to walk down the aisle, I was blown away, and am choking up again as I type this. I knew what she was going to wear, I knew the theme, and yet I was still floored. It was great theater!

I really can't get over how so many of our friends were so enthusiastic about coming to this event, and how many obstacles were overcome in the name of being there. Money was spent, while work was missed. Contracts were re-negotiated; sleep was deprived. Stroudsburg seems to be host to the most inefficient cab company in the western world, but Davis made to the ceremony, because our dear friends Keely & Kevin picked him up from the bus station. The fact that Davis even got on a bus is testimonial enough to the commitment of our friends. Patty, Chris & Hugh also braved the rural bus scene, departing from the familiar Port Authority Bus Terminal to Destination Unknown. You were all so enthusiastic about coming to the wedding, and yet it was totally optional for you guys. Family HAS to go. You could have gone to South Beach instead. Thanks.

And then there's the family. Ahhhh, family. Between Brenda & I, we have a lot of separate family factions, due to divorce. But most everyone made it to the do, and all seemed to have a good time. I thank you all for coming and enjoying what was going on rather than feuding. But I must admit, I watched the maneuvering with the intensity of any Yankees game; each time any large group had to be seated, the chess game that ensued for the next few moments was quite thrilling, as each person attempted to land a seat in a spot with a comfortable buffer zone from, well, from whomever. But you should all know that you've all have a tremendous influence on us, and we were happy to share this weekend with you, wherever you were sitting. Much driving occurred to get to this wedding, as did airline travel. I thank you all for undertaking the financial and time burdens that that entailed.

You were all very generous with your gifts. Clearly, many of you sense my affinity for beer, with the many pint glasses and exotic beer mugs. Thank you for being so observant. The money many of you gave us will be put to good use stocking my new beer cellar; construction begins in July (kidding of course, July's too hot to pour concrete). Seriously, gifts were icing on the cake. We thank you, but your presence at the wedding was present enough. But don't ask for any of it back.

Lastly, I would like to share a few thoughts that occurred to me at the wedding while they're still flitting about:

Aunt Linda & Uncle Gary, your marriage has been has been a model of what it's all about to Brenda & I for many years.

Aunt Maria & Uncle John, I'm so pleased to see your kids growing up, and to see you raise a family. I know Christina & I were surrogate kids for you for a long time, and we certainly enjoyed the job, but I'm sure it makes the real thing so much more special.

Peggy, Phil, Pam and Charlie, you raised a couple of gems, if I do say so myself. Be proud. We're happy we found each other, and we're happy to have twice as many stories to tell.

Ellen Kravette, who'd have thought that this team would have been so strong. You were a referral; you did not know us until we called you asking you to marry us. Yet you helped us create a beautiful ceremony, which everyone has raved about, and you must know that you were a central part of it. Any couple can write vows; you helped shape it into a great show, and delivered on our big day. Thank you.

Bob and Christina, you have mastered the art of the mobile party. You know the ingredients of a party (tequila, CDs, VO, ice, vodka, coolers, food [not critical but nice to have around], mixers such as charged water [Granny see note below], and most importantly yourselves. And you can take these ingredients anywhere on the planet and everyone there is guaranteed a good time. Hell, even if they are from Mars (or even Hell, for that matter) they would feel welcome.

I think we need to get this bunch together more often. We also need to do it somewhere else because I don't think Stroudsmoor would let us back in to their suites.

Julia and John Braden, make sure Caroline learns that her dress is not supposed to be up over her head by the time she reaches puberty.

Hugh Hanson and Joe Tricomi, you two are very bad. Cosmopolitans and cigars are nice gestures, but I was hurting in the morning.

Wanda "Granny" Duffy, thanks for the lesson on charged water, which you may or may not remember giving me. Club Soda definitely rings a bell.

Mandy, your Dad tells me that you said five words in Kindergarten. I don't believe it. You were a natural up there yesterday. And you juggled all those flowers too. Do we need to pay you for that, because we didn't budget for a juggler. Don't answer that.

Ellen Ward, I didn't think people from Colorado had a sense of humor. You are an absolute riot, and a pleasant addition to my family. You had me laughing whenever you were around, and I'm a tough room. Just ask Tim.

Saskia & Joe, you two are in big trouble with 'Chella. With those eyes and that smile, no one can resist. I think Tim actually made a pass at her when you weren't looking.

Mom, when you see a bear, get back in the car.

Uncle Bob and Cousin Katey, the Wright Brothers discovered flight in 1903. Thanks for coming, I love you two, but man, hop a flight next time, ALRIGHT? I'll come and get you if you want, just make sure Christina & Bob aren't hosting any parties the night before. Say hi to Glenn and Dianne.

Serena, you're the one "evil stepmother" who showed. Thank you. You should also know that there's no such thing as the "evil stepmother". You have been in my life for a while now, and are among the people we wanted at the wedding. You showed. Thank you.

Andi & Mark, I guess you oiled the bedsprings, because you're both still alive. Dad had no idea. Or he's still plotting his revenge.

Chris & John Paul, the Yankees lost yesterday, 7-6. Hmmm. Thanks for coming, but when we renew our vows, we may give you two tickets to The House That Ruth Built instead. Chris, I know you have wished for this wedding as much as anyone, and I'm glad you made it.

Pam, when you buy a fancy custom -made guest book, sign the freakin' thing!

Richard, Michael & Laura, Rebecca & Mike, Steve & Jana, we should have realized this sooner: we must hire Candace for our Company Public Relations Department. Repeat after me: "Hi! I'm Candace!"

Christian, Mandy and Brian. May I remind you that the drinking age in Pennsylvania is 21?

Kevin, what's the deal? Drop those crutches, get down on that one good knee and get the next party started!

Patty, Chris & Hugh, thanks for "movin' on up", and staying over on Sunday. Oh, and by the way, I was up on Monday in time to take you to the Bus station, believe it or not. The one time the cab comes on time...

Laura Darst, your laugh is infectious, just like Aunt Linda's. Eric, sorry to hear about the girl you lost to Baccardi, but you are another laugh riot, so I'm sure we will be travelling to MN soon enough. Gary, the next time I see you, I'm gonna fix you a nice plate of "Eggs Harvey".

Sue, I know how hard it can be to be around a bunch of people where you are friendly with very few. This is my life. Thanks for inserting yourself into our little party, and for such a lovely card.

Emi & Dick, Tim is still talking about the car ride over to the rehearsal dinner. I'm looking for a therapist now.

Saint Grandma, I love you. Your ability to put up with Grandpa G. is amazing. Grandpa, I heard about vowing to make pasta five times a week. News flash: it's the year 2000. We don't even drag 'em around by their hair anymore. Grandpa, I love you too. We'll be over there to claim our wedding present. Nice move, holding the thing hostage, until we actually come to visit. We'll be there, wrap it up.

And above all, remember what my very best friend told us yesterday - KEEP COOL, DON'T FREEZE.

I love you all (but Brenda the most), THANKS.

  • Rob