To merely call my old college buddy a photographer is to understate things a bit. Jeff Bosie, the aforementioned buddy, is a real photographic artist. I had just been bragging about Jeff's ability to a co-worker just last week, and oddly enough yesterday Jeff sent out a mass email yesterday announcing some updates to his website. So I took the opportunity to click on over and check out the newest additions as well as some of my old faves -- three of which are hanging on the walls of my home.

It's great stuff. I was glad to be able to attend a show of his in Perth Amboy, NJ back when Brenda & I still lived in Jersey. Brenda was so impressed with Jeff's work that she put Jeff in touch with her bosses at the George Street Playhouse, who hosted a showing for Jeff during one of the performance runs at the Playhouse.

I really can't say enough about Jeff's work. To me, it's inspiring; it's the kind of photography I imagine myself striving to do, even if my own photos do not back that assertion up. If anything, my latest trip to Jeff's website just fueled that passion to capture our world and tell a story, without saying a single word. Bravo, Jeff!

Please, go have a look for yourself:

And be sure and check out his latest photo essay "Through the Cracks", which, unfortunately, will break your heart.